Customized Solutions

Exposure to loud noises is a leading cause of permanent hearing impairment and tinnitus. To prevent hearing loss due to noise there are many solutions. Avoidance of loud noise is the best solution, but is not often a practical one. If you play a musical instrument, attend concerts, use open air motorized vehicles, work with tools and machinery, shoot guns, mow your lawn, or attend big sporting events you probably expose your ears to damaging levels of noise. Customized Hearing Protection Molds Can be an Easy, Inexpensive and Effective SolutionAlthough exposure to a one time loud sound can damage your hearing, for most of us it is the cumulative exposure to dangerous sounds that damages our hearing over time. The use of customized hearing protection molds can be an easy, inexpensive and effective solution. Many types of molds can be made following quick impressions of your ears. It is always better to prevent possible hearing loss than deal with its repercussions later.

We have specialty mold applications for:

  • Musicians
  • Industrial settings
  • Shooting or hunting
  • Communication molds
  • Recreational use
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping