Even with the advancement in hearing aid technology, following a conversation while you are on the phone, watching television or in a noisy place can still sometimes be frustrating.  Hearing aids now have the capability to wirelessly connect with accessories that allow wearers improved speech understanding in difficult listening situations.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to devices such as cell phones, televisions, and tablets with the use of Bluetooth technology.  Bluetooth technology works similarly to wireless Internet, where sounds are sent through an invisible electronic signal.  Bluetooth technology allows you to obtain a better sound quality when using your hearing aids with your favorite electronic devices (i.e. cell phone, television, tablet).  Think of them as a wireless pair of headphones: they are convenient and cordless for high-quality sound because they are programmed to your hearing loss.

Bluetooth Technology Allows You to Obtain a Better Sound QualityWireless accessories are beneficial to hearing aid users for several reasons.  They put distance between the hearing aid and a cell phone, which can reduce feedback, as well as decrease any interference between the two devices.  For use with a cell phone, wireless accessories all for a hands-free option, which is especially important if you plan on using your cell phone while driving.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids require set up to work with electronic devices.  They also require the hearing aid wearer to use a small transmitter accessory.  The transmitter converts the Bluetooth signal from the electronic device, to a technology that is understood by the hearing aid.

For more information about wireless accessories for your hearing aids, speak with your audiologist.  Talk to your audiologist about your current use of technology and ask how Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids could make that a better experience.

What is a Telecoil?

Telecoil, also known as t-switch or t-coil, is a telephone switch feature that is often built in to a hearing aid.  If you are unsure if your hearing aid has this feature, ask your audiologist.

For More Information About Telecoil, Speak to Your AudiologistYou can use a Bluetooth accessory and have a Bluetooth signal sent to your telecoil through a neckloop that supports Bluetooth technology.  A neckloop is a necklace-sized wire that connects to many devices and can be worn around the neck and adapted to telecoil hearing aids.  Neckloops generate a weak magnetic signal that is recognized by the telecoil and amplified by the hearing aid. Neckloops are popular with many hearing aid users because they can drive both hearing aids and do not require wires running to the hearing aids.

For more information about telecoil, speak to your audiologist.  You can also visit assist2hear.com for more information about telecoil and inductions loops in Colorado.