Following your hearing evaluation at Mile High Otolaryngology, if your audiologist recommends hearing aids, a hearing aid consultation should be scheduled. At your hearing aid consultation your audiologist will discuss with you in detail how your hearing loss impacts your day to day life and what your typical listening environments are. It helps to have in mind what you would like from the hearing aid process and what your listening goals are. Your audiologist will also discuss what the hearing aid process entails. There is a significant adjustment process when initially wearing hearing aids, which will be discussed in detail based on your individual hearing loss. Expectations of hearing aid benefit will also be discussed.

Any questions you have about hearing aids will be answered during this appointment. Hearing aid styles, technology levels, trial period, non-refundable portions, warranties, pricing, and payment options will all be discussed. A hearing aid consultation is tailored to our individual patients. Your audiologist will provide you a recommendation for hearing aids based on your hearing loss, listening needs, lifestyle, and other considerations.

Attitude is an important key to success with hearing aids.We highly recommend you bring a family member or other support person with you to this appointment. Having a family member or friend with you at this appointment is important for several reasons. First, it is helpful to have another set of listening ears since a substantial amount of information will be addressed at this appointment. Second, it is important for your family and friends to also understand the tremendous advantages as well as the limitations of hearing aids so that expectations are realistic. Third, if you make joint financial decisions with someone, it is helpful to have him/her at this appointment.

Attitude is an important key to success with hearing aids. Research has shown that people who have a positive attitude do better with hearing aids. It will take time to get to your best benefit with hearing aids, and by working closely with your audiologist, you will be successful.