Providing Recommendations and Solutions

Extensive research in hearing loss at research institutions, universities, and by professional grade manufacturers of hearing devices has enabled the development of hearing instrument technology that can be customized to an individual’s hearing loss. Your Audiologist will make hearing aid recommendations based upon many factors to provide you the best solution to manage your hearing loss and listening lifestyle needs. Unfortunately not all “hearing aids” are made the same and it can be difficult, as a patient, to understand the variability in the industry and we will strive to provide you clarity.

Our Specialists Will Educate you About your Rehabilitative OptionsFollowing a comprehensive hearing evaluation, our hearing aid consultation and communication assessment appointment is available to educate you so you are able to make informed choices in the management of your hearing healthcare needs. To have a successful outcome there are two essential parts; the use of correctly matched professional grade technology and the use of a skilled Audiologist to provide counseling about the process, expertly fit the device to individual needs and verify the outcomes. We will educate you about your hearing loss and all available rehabilitative options to create a customized and comprehensive plan.